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I finally finished homestuck :D

so yeah I’m going to need a headcount on how many of my followers read it thank you :P

I have literally been reading homestuck for like 3 days straight and I’m not even half way through D:

Urgh why do ipods cost so much? No apple I’m not going to pay £150 for a tiny music player that will break really easily D:

Seriously though, what has happened to tumblr’s notes?

Hey I’ve only been away 5 days and so many people have unfollowed! I mean seriously did you think I’d stopped my blog or something I did leave a note :(

anyway hi did you miss me? no? no? okay

Yes I did just take my bike out in the rain with no shoes or socks on. No it probably wasn’t the smartest decision I’ve ever made.

i’ve really got to stop making sidebar gifs

i mean every time i want to make something i think what can i do and i think i know i’ll make another sidebar gif


stop it sarah

I am in literal pain over this icon break down

Okay okay so you know I’m rewatching Doctor Who before series 7 right well what if I did a gifset per episode thing? :D but I’m halfway through series 4 at the moment so I might just start at series 5 with Eleven and Amy that’s easier but I’m a terrible giffer I don’t know